Hidden Lakes Hunting Resort


At Hidden Lakes, we strive to give you the ultimate hunting experience. In order to do this, we have left all of the natural grasses and cover on Hidden Lakes. The scattered trees, bare patches and grown-up fence rows make excellent cover for the birds. We have also planted 18 miles of Sorghum in the 30-foot-wide strip to provide excellent cover and food source for the birds once they are released here at Hidden Lakes. We have seven different hunting fields that provide hunters a diverse hunting experience and safety by keeping hunters separated. 


Our unique, secluded, hunting resort offers everything you could want from an individual to a corporate level, excecutive experience.  Our Hunting Lodge is in a very peaceful and relaxing location. When you're not hunting, we have other amenities that consist of a fire pit, pool table, corn hole boards, and more.  Either way, you can't go wrong ~ surrounded by good friends and southern hospitality ~ you'll be sure to feel right at home.

"Billy, as usual, we had a great time hunting with you all this week. I have never seen the farm in better condition for fall and the birds were outstanding.  Cord kept the dog rotation fresh and they worked beautifully. You all are the best at compacting all of the most  exciting and rewarding parts of any quail hunt into a single, very enjoyable day.  Thanks for another excellent experience and we look forward to our next hunt soon!" 


"Hidden Lakes is an outstanding group of people with outstanding customer service.We have entertained customers with Hunting at Hidden Lakes and the whole team enjoyed the stay and the hunt!"

Team H.

"HIdden lakes is the best hunting experience I have ever had. The staff is highly knowledgable and super friendly. The hunt was fantastic and the meat we got afterwards was delicious. I highly recommend this place."

Michael M.



"Thank you Cord and company for an excellent quail hunt! The accommodations and food were first rate, your fields were well thought out, and the dogs did a great job. This is a top notch facility I would recommend to my hunting buddies and I hope to return for a tower hunt (and mop up hunt the next day). The staff was wonderful and made us feel at home during our stay. It's worth the full price just to see Huckleberry in action."

                                                       Jim O.

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