Hidden Lakes Hunting Resort



HIDDEN LAKES was established in the Fall of 2008 in the small town of Yantis, Texas. When we first purchased the farm, I started constructing lakes and ponds on every draw.  When completed, we had a total of eight ponds and lakes on our property.  Now with the additional ranches acquired, we now have fourteen ponds in all. When we first purchased the property, our intentions were to fix it up and have land to drive our ATV's on and to hunt deer. As a child, I grew up being an avid bird hunter. I loved the sight of a good bird dog pointing a covey of quail and the adrenaline rush of them scurrying in front of me. I've hunted quail all over East Texas and West Texas my whole life. When we lost wild quail here in East Texas close to 25 years ago and with quail leases out west being harder to find, my youngest son (Cord) and I decided to put in a bird hunting resort. Our goal was to raise a great flying bird that could come as close as possible to wild birds. We have designed our pens to be 200 ft. long by 50 ft. wide with 16 ft. ceilings and walls completely covering up the sides, so they see no human contact unless being fed. These pens allow the birds to exercise and get flight conditioned before they are release into the fields. We raise 25,000 quail and pheasants each year. We have structured our 550 acres into four separate fields, in which we have allowed natural grasses and cover to take over in the fields. We have also planted 40 ft. wide rows of Sorghum stretching more than 18 miles throughout the entire property, providing cover and a food source for the birds once they have been released. The Lord has blessed my family and I to be able to do what we love and grow it into a successful business. We strive to be our very best and to give our clients the ultimate hunting experience and accommodate you with the best food, service, hunting, and lodging that we can.  When our clients come to Hidden Lakes for the first time, we make sure they feel like family before they leave. We would sure love to have you out or consider us when booking your next outdoor adventure. 

God Bless,

Billy Burnett

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